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About Us

MJ Table Co., Ltd. is a research to development, production, sales and service in one brand of automatic mahjong machines and other electrical products company. Since 1995 the company establish in New York, the company has great corporate philosophy: stable product quality, strict management processes, advanced sales model, mature market sales system, and customer service. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the company's business, our web service development is introducing different new products, including high-tech electronic products, beauty skin care products and supporting materials, Quality food and daily necessities from our company.

We have been implementing from every detail to proceed, and continuously improve the overall competitiveness of the product thinking mode, and the market recognition.

All along, we have follow our principle of " best quality, best service" , the most reasonable price for customers to maximize the profit margins, with the continuous expansion of the sales network, has become the United States Mahjong Association recommended products.

US MJ Table Co., Ltd. with a unique vision aimed at a strong strength and good prospects for the development of the partners, win-win and mutually beneficial, look forward to your call!

US MJ Table Co., Ltd. all products are new and ensure the best quality brand!

Products are brand new, not old or refurbished! Safe to use!

We Accept Cash, Check, Credit Card, Debit Card and bank check.

US Tel:(718)554-4072

Chinese E-mail:630813732@qq.com